Project designated to monitor wild animals, count population and discover behaviors. We provide stream movies from the location around Europe.

Animal feeders anywhere

We support pets and wild animals providing animal feeders in urban areas, agriculture, and wherever they live. To understands biodiversity in the modern world, we monitor them and analyse the recording with the help of artificial intelligence.

We invite schools, organisations and individuals to host the animal feeder. Our initiative is educational and might make people sensible and aware about the local fauna. 

Your pet won’t be alone anymore

We don’t forget about the beloved animals at home. They are stressed and anxious animals due staying alone. To interact with such pets, we give pet owners a system that:

  • support a remote pet-owner interaction
  • monitors the safety of the animal.

We analyse data about animals

We collect data by recording animals. This way we deliver a better pet-tech to understand their behavior and help them as much as possible. Data collection supports popularizing knowledge about animals around. Technology like virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) is a new medium that helps to immerse into a topic. In particular, it is a good medium to educate children and youth. However, it is great entertainment for the whole family.

When wildlife meets pets

Our volunteer action would uncover some pet’s interaction with wild animals. E.g. We might measure what location of the bird feeder is suitable enough so the cats will not attack them. That small calculations by technology might help further the development of tools that will save wild animals.

Project prerequisites

Give us a call. Our volunteer will meet up with you to check the place where we install the animal feeder or shelter + the camera. The volunteer will check whether:

  • The animals are located in urban areas, agriculture and wherever they live.
  • It is possible to install the camera next to the place where animals gather up
  • It is possible to enable data collection from the place where animals gather up
  • The recording enables to learn more about the fauna.
  • It is possible to help stressed and anxious animals due to staying alone at home.

Do I need the qualification to join the project?

No. No experience and qualification are required from participants in the animal project because we don’t interact with animals directly.

This is enough the personnel shows empathy towards animals. We help them through the observation of their behavior and providing the proper shelters and amount of feed. The decision to participate in activities is positive if AiMind Charity is able to create an insightful data analysis and educational materials from the gathered recordings.

What are volunteer tasks in Animal TV project?

There are multiples roles you are invited to take over:

Animal owner

Animal owner provides feed and cleanliness in the place where animals gather. It is important to take care of it to give them a sustainable environment.

Artificial Intelligence developer

AI developer works on the vision recognition algorithms which recognize and classified animals.

Data analyst

Lots of exciting analyses await for you. We discuss the details with the schools.

Multimedia programmer

You help with the post-production of the movies about the animals.

Camera administrator

Installing cameras locally and maintenance of them.


Do you like writing? How about a blog about the life of wild animals?

Check out our current bird feeder from Derbyshire, UK

The video materials are ready. Now we need volunteers to help out with AI, data analysis. Then we prepare an insightful report about the bird life in Derbyshire.