We DIY masks for the medical staff in Poland

We are developing a solution to provide better protection for medical personnel with a full face mask with particle filters, resuscitation devices, and even ventilators. We implement tools without certification as a medical experiment.

Our 3D models are available here:



Surgical masks guarantees round 97% of protection against COVID-19. Our solution boosts the security to 99%! Imagine a doctor who works hours with infected patients. For him or her 2% of the better protection makes a difference!

We need more volunteers in action!

Our action has a couple of steps and each of them needs volunteers.

Spreading the word on social media

We want to find out people who are willing to give away their snorkeling masks for the entire face. Can you help us to find them? Do you want to volunteer in outreaching as many people as possible?

3D printing passionate

We have a ready adapter to the filter which you adhere to the mask. It is one of the most popular models of the snorkeling mask. However, people may have different masks at home. Your task would be to prototype the new adapter on AutoCAD Fusion 360. We proceed with the knowledge transfer on how to develop the adapter, so you can put hands on faster.

We do have a 3D printer, filaments and an experienced person with 3D printing. You create the model, we print and validate it.

Snorkeling mask owners!

Do you have a snorkeling mask at home? Send us a picture of it. Each of the masks is now crucial. It saves the lives of healthcare professionals.

We don’t let doctors get sick

Our goal is to prevent the sad situation that happens in other places in the world. As of 24th March 2020, 14% of COVID-19 infections

Out of Spain’s 40,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, 5,400 — nearly 14 percent — are medical professionals, the health ministry said on Tuesday. 

New York Times
Virus Knocks Thousands of Health Workers Out of Action in Europe

Volunteers are worth their weight in gold!

Government support will be started in the next few weeks or months. We can’t wait so long. We have to take action now.

The last hope is in such people as you. Volunteers. If you don’t have a snorkeling mask to give away, help us reach out to people who might have one!

We are helping Children’s Hospital of the Medical University of Warsaw.