We are creators for creators.

AiMind Charity empowers young people to discover the world by taking part in projects they are passionate about.

Cultural heritage

We strive to advance culture and national heritage in the geographical and demographical niche.

Animal welfare

We feed and protect animals. Most importantly, we understand them through data analysis.


Good food habits and mindfulness are only a part of the Blue Zones secret.

Social inequality

To relieve social inequality in education and use of technology, we work on licensed technology to empower education for income gap, gender inequality and social class.

Support for inventors and entrepreneurs

To educate inventors and entrepreneurs on how to protect and commercialise their creative ideas, we organize meetups and face-to-face consultations to explain intellectual property rights.

NextGen of Engineers

To advance in science and creativity young people, AiMind Charity gives volunteers access to the licensed technology. Volunteers can study various science areas which AiMind Charity work on. We receive the licenses for technologies related to engineering, IoT, telecommunication and 3D printing.

Each day is for trying new things out.

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